Essay on Analysis Of Voltaire 's ' Candide '

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Satire, one of writing 's most incomprehensible genres. On the outside, Satire may seem to be just an overly dramatic story. However, on the inside, Satire is a profound form of social commentary that stresses societal issues through over exaggeration. One of the genre 's most famous literary works is Candide by Voltaire. Many people may interpret the novel as a tale about the misadventures of a boy named Candide attempting to be with his true love, Madame Cunégonde. Yet, a closer analysis of the book indicates that the author attempts to convey his perspective on life through the novel. Since Voltaire lived at a time of religious turmoil and monarchs, such as the enlightenment and King Frederick the Great, it is no surprise that Voltaire would cover the topics of religion, royalty and philosophy in his work ( Voltaire vii). Throughout the novel Candide, Voltaire uses satire to impart his opinions on religion, nobility, and philosophy accumulated through his lifetime. Voltaire was, in general, very skeptical about religion, mocking the strange ways in which people would worship deities. Although skeptical about religious rituals, Voltaire believed in Deism, the belief that a powerful being created the universe, but let everything else run its course ("Voltaire-Biography"). The author blatantly outlines his stance on religion in the novel. Here, the main character Candide just escaped the grasps of the wretched Bulgars and is seeking help, "But whether he is the…

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