Essay on Analysis Of Virginia Woolf 's ' The Lighthouse '

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Author and businesswomen Lois Wyse said, “Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths” (AZ). Lois stated this while discussing the restrictions society places on men and women. The concept of masculinity and femininity is constantly changing and this evolution seems to directly correspond with the growth of society. Virginia Woolf is one of the first authors of the early twentieth century to bring up the notion that gender roles form only to accommodate to the unspoken rules of society and there is no reason genders should be regarded differently (Price). Her opinions on the different sexes are conveyed in many of her writings including To The Lighthouse. The realistic representation and juxtaposition of gender roles reflects the evolving views of society during the early twentieth century in To The Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf.
Society and gender roles changed drastically during the twentieth century. Virginia Woolf was extremely influential on this topic. Cultural norms caused women to be regarded differently than men. The traditional “Victorian society” women’s roles were focused on domestic duties, while men were part of labor outside of the home, having to deal with politics and the economy (Showalter). Young women were raised to only aspire to marriage. Even the law did not protect women 's rights. Divorce would have a negative impact of the wife’s reputation since it was a symbol of failure for the woman. The Married Women’s Property…

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