Essay on Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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A journalist holds the occupation of reporting, writing, photographing or broadcasting news to seek the truth, investigate the case, and to report the accurate findings, with an unbiased opinion, to the general public, and the audience. They must report factual evidence, and give the exact truth and details on the events that occur. In 1966, Truman Capote, a journalist himself, published In Cold Blood, a non-fiction novel detailing the brutal murders of Mr. Clutter, his wife, and his two youngest children. However, many claimed that Capote failed to present a fair and unbiased report of the event, due to his very close involvement with the people involved in the murder itself. Capote did not accomplish his role as a journalist due to his detailed narrative introduction to the novel, his close relationship with Perry, and including his own perspective on the main character 's death sentence. Capote introduces the audience to the everyday life of the Clutter family before they were brutally murdered. However, it is impossible that Capote could have even known the events of the Clutter family before they were murdered, because In Cold Blood was written after the tragedy. For example, Capote mentions, " Passing through the orchard, Mr. Clutter proceeded along beside the river, which was shallow here and strewn with islands" (Capote 13). There is no way that Capote could have had knowledge of that information and most likely, Capote just guessed at what Mr. Clutter was…

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