Essay about Analysis Of The Warehouse Company And The Warehouse Group

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This report is prepared for Shalom, who is considering purchasing shares in a company, ‘The Warehouse Group’. This report is aimed to provide Shalom with an analysis of the company and the viability of the investment in shares in ‘The Warehouse Group’. The Warehouse Group consists of four major segments which are:
• The Warehouse (Red Sheds)
• Torpedo 7
• Noel Lemmings
• Warehouse Stationery This company was founded by Stephen Tindall in 1982, which was a private company to the year 1994 when it was listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, therefore is then a public company, The Warehouse is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand. I recommend that Shalom should purchase shares in The Warehouse Group as for the following reasons of:
• Profitability, the company has overall done well and performed stable as well as good throughout the year, and is expected to improve and increase in the near future.
• The return on investment (dividends) has it was a bit poor this year, it is not expected to be a trend and due to increase next year.
• Community involvement, as the Warehouse Group is heavily involved with the local community in which Shalom can be connected with as support.
• Ability to pay their debts, the Warehouse Group is able to pay their debts/ day-to-day expenses easily with $0.4 left over/ working capital.
• Sustainability/ environment, as Shalom is an environmentalist, she would enjoy the work and effort the Warehouse Group puts towards…

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