Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' The ' Short Story '

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-The story begins on a December Sunday after classes at Pencey Prep school in Argerstown, Pennsylvania

-Holden gets the “ax” for failing all of his classes except for English. (He has already failed out of three other schools)

-Holden is told that he is being expelled, but he 's not scheduled to return home to Manhattan until Wednesday, so he goes and visits his former history teacher who tries to give him academic advice.

-Holden later returns to his dormitory where he becomes annoyed by his un-hygienic neighbour, Ackley and by his own roommate, Stradlater who is on a date with a girl whom he used to date and who he is still in love with. Holden questions him intensively about trying to sleep with the girl, Jane Gallagher, whom he was recently out on a date with.

-Holden gets into a huge argument with his roommate and decides he can no longer deal with Pencey Prep school and decides to go home to Manhattan early and stay in a hotel without telling anyone.

-Holden takes the train home and after a few alterations in the cab, the cab driver brings him to the Edmont hotel where he signs himself in.

-Holden arrives in his room and from there he is able to see into the rooms of guests in the hotels other wing. He watches for a while and then calls the number of a woman that one of his friends gave him who happens to be a stripper.

-Holden gets fed up with the lady on the phone and goes downstairs to the bar and begins to dance and flirt with older women until he starts…

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