Analysis Of ' The Second Sex ' Essay

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In today’s society the human body is put up on a pedestal for the world to critique. Both woman and man are seen as individuals that are supposed to act, dress, and look a certain way, and if they falter they are seen as strange and sometimes called names. This is especially true for women. According to society Man is woman’s better half. Many philosophers have shown interest in this correlation. Beauvoir in her book The Second Sex, talks about how woman are the other and are seen as being less than man. Then Young in her paper Throwing Like A Girl, talks about how men and woman approach certain obstacles differently. Along with Young’s paper a company called Always made a promo #Like A Girl, and put into practice what Young states in her paper. Though these philosophers and company have tried to push for woman equality other companies such as Hardies have stopped their efforts. So, why do we see woman as the lesser half? Because, how we see the human body, particularly a woman’s, is in direct correlation to where and how we are raised. Before you can describe what the difference between man and woman is you must first understand what it means to be a woman. As Beauvoir explains in her book The Second Sex,
“Everyone agrees there are females in the human species; today, as in the past, they make up about half of humanity; and yet we are told that ‘femininity is in jeopardy’; we are urged, ‘be woman, stay woman, become woman.’ So not every female human being is necessarily…

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