Analysis Of The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet letter follows the life of a woman named Hester Prynne. Shunned for having a child out of wedlock, Hester is publicly humiliated and sentenced to wear a scarlet letter upon her bosom. The father of the child never comes forward during Hester’s humiliation and she refuses to reveal his name.
Belonging to a church, which is under a young clergyman named Mr. Dimmesdale, the responsibility falls on him to convince Hester to reveal the guilty one’s name; pleading with her to have pity on her fellow comrade and save him the pain and grief of years of silent shame. We learn later that Mr. Dimmesdale is the father to Hester’s child and was begging her to reveal his name, for he did not have to courage to stand up for himself. The guilt
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Instead of living life with an outward reminder, he dwells on it and daily has a "Heart" reminder of his unforgivable wrong doing. The scarlet letter has burned itself upon his chest. Positively miserable, he journeys to the scaffold where Hester had held young Pearl in her arms so many years earlier. Hester and Pearl walk by and he begs them to join him like they should of done on that fateful day. Pearl asks him if he will stand with them here tomorrow, but feeling his spirits reenergized, he responds with "one day." Thus we see the reverend recognizing his mistake and knowing what he must do to make it right, but refrain and hiding it in the dead of …show more content…
Giving to the poor and helping others who have been cast out, the hearts of the people began to soften. All the while the people rumor of letting her remove the scarlet letter, but Hester responds by saying that the authority does not lie within the magistrates to remove it, but that the Lord must see her worthy enough for it to fall off on its own accord.
Seeking Mr. Dimmesdale out to tell him the true nature of Roger, Hester reveals the secret to him in the forest, away from prying eyes. The passion that died in Mr. Dimmesdale years ago, flickered to the surface for only a moment upon realizing the torture this man had daily pained him with. Hester and Mr. Dimmesdale make plans to leave their prison and board a ship headed for Europe. In a few days time Mr. Dimmesdale will be free and his spirits are lifted. Seeing everything in a different light, he goes through the days admiring the beauty of the world around him.
Upon seeing Mr. Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth recognizes the change of attitude and makes plans to follow him where ever he goes; arranging plans with the captain to make room for one more aboard the ship. Knowing nothing of this until the day they plan to leave, Hester realizes that they can never truly get away from their afflictors and

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