Essay on Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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The Suffering Pastor

Pastor Dimmesdale plays a very key role in the story. He is admired by the whole town and he is known to everyone as a man crafted by god’s hand. What is unknown to them until the end of the story is that he bears a secret shame. He is the father to Pearl that has been kept a secret throughout the novel and the guilt that he feels for the sin is slowly killing him with the help of the Physician, Roger Chillingworth, and his ever prying eyes. Some may say that he is a hypocrit, but as Edward Wagenknecht says in “Characters in the Scarlet Letter”, “He is never quite that. Pride and fear combine to keep him from making a clean breast of things, and the best in him conspires with the worst to keep him silent.” This is saying that he is too proud and scared of what the public might brand him, that he thinks its better if he punishes himself and does not tell the public. Dimmesdale has may conflicts throughout the story that contribute to his declining health. He experiances a dramatic change in heart and in his physique throughout the novel, that once again, contribute to his death. He is a very unique character in that he is a political leader and he hides something that he did that his position says is extreamly sinful. The pastor has many problems but they all begin with one.

The main problem Dimmesdale faces throughout the novel is his inner conflict with the sin he has commited. He has done awful things to himself to try to repent for his sins,…

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