Analysis Of The Poem ' Woodchucks ' By Maxine Kumin Essay

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In Maxine Kumin’s poem “Woodchucks”, the speaker’s tone is informative, but through anger the speaker makes a drastic change and the tone becomes murderous and obsessed. The speaker’s shift in tone is related to the radical climax the speaker has with the woodchucks in her garden. After she shoots one of the woodchucks, the speaker becomes entranced and captivated by killing. The speaker professes that before this she was a pacifist, but after dropping some of the woodchucks, she turns murderous and hunts endlessly for the last one. In the first stanza of the poem, the speaker’s tone is informative, because she is revealing her intent to kill the woodchucks who have wrongfully invaded her garden. In the first two lines, the speaker says that her gas bomb from Feed and Grain Exchange did not work right (1-2). These verses in the stanza, show how the speaker did not think very highly of the woodchucks, and desired to kill them in the easiest way possible. She then goes on to describe the features of the bomb, how it’s merciful and quick to kill the woodchucks (3). This shows how the speaker isn’t usually used to killing animals and is just trying to tell how she tried to get rid of them. In the next few verses, the speaker informs the audience about how the woodchucks were out of range from her gas bomb (4-6). These last few sentences are there to inform the reader about how the author begins to justify her reason for later shooting the woodchucks, the speaker is…

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