Analysis Of The Poem ' Winter Solitude ' Essay

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For the purpose of this paper, two poems will be compared and analyzed. The first poem is about the emergence of plants from winter into spring called “Spring and All”. This poem is written by William Carlos Williams. The second poem is one speaking of the transition from autumn to winter, written by Archibald Lampman titled “Winter-Solitude”. First lets compare the form of both poems, starting with “Spring and All”. This poem consists of 27 lines organized into seven stanzas. The first stanza is a sestet, the second and fourth are couplets, the third is a quintet and the last three stanzas are quatrains. “Spring and All” has no rhyming scheme as it is a free verse poem. “Winter-Solitude” on the other hand is a one stanza poem consisting of 12 lines with the catchy rhyming scheme of ABBA CDDC EFFE. “Spring and All” and “Winter-Solitude” have varying views on seasons, specifically winter. Furthermore, they are portrayed negatively and positively, respectively, which is evident through several poetic techniques including mood, personification, and imagery. In Williams’ poem, he writes about the transition of plants from winter to spring. He portrays winter as negative and depressing. This is apparent due to the contrast between words used to describe the plants in winter and in spring. The plants mentioned in the poem concerning winter are “dead” with “brown leaves under [the] / leafless vines” (Williams 12-13). To emphasize the coldness and bareness of the vines, Williams…

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