Analysis Of The Poem ' Theme For English B ' Essay

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Analysis about Theme for English B
“Theme for English B” is an interesting, famous, and impressive poem that Hughes wrote in his early age. When readers first read this poem, most of them would impress by the author’s courage and short by the concept of it. Langston Hughes writes this poem to tell his instructor don’t doubt his ability through his race color. He uses this poem to share the peaceful American soul with all audiences. At that time, racial discrimination was a major social issue that frequently disturb the mainstreams. As an African-American poet, Hughes led the Harlem Renaissance and made a great contribution during that time. Indeed, “Theme for English B” is a shinning star in the literature that point out the important racial problem and fight for equal right for African-American in nineteen twenties. It is a symbol mark of how power poetry is. This poem leads readers facing the controversial racial discrimination issue that even happens in today’s daily life. “Theme for English B” is successfully impressive audience because Hughes uses many literature techniques such as rhythm, metaphor, and irony tone.
First of all, the rhythm used in this poem is making this poem easier to remember and read. The writer uses rhyme in some part of the poem to tell readers the important information that responses to his main idea. For example, in the fourth stanza, “Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love. I like to work, read, learn, and understand life.” (21-22),…

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