Analysis Of The Poem ' The West Wind ' Essay

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Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind (1819) is a lyrical poem that chants the song of a poet who meticulously observes how the power of the wind that creates a powerful change within the mind of the poet. “The poem was written in Shelley is one of many romantic poets who have an adoration of nature and uses it is a recurring theme in this poem, as the poet addresses the forces of nature in a personalized way. The poem praises the West Wind as it forms and observation of the wind in the mind of the poet. The imagination of the poet plays a vital role in constructing poetry which signifies the liberation that the Romantic Movement speaks about. Therefore this essay aims to explore what the poem signifies about the nature of the poet in by closely looking at the poets role as an instrument, the effect that the poet’s words has in to demonstrate the influence on humanity and how the poet presents the power of his words and actions by analyzing the last stanza in the poem to establish what this poem brings forth about the poet character and role in the poem.

The poet stands as an instrument of the wind and this is suggested in; “Make me thy lyre, even as the forest is” (L57). The final stanza of the poem opens the idea of the poet acting as an instrument. A lyre is an instrument that produces a harmonious melody when it is played by an individual and the use of this imagery allows the reader to imagine the movement that an individual would use when playing this…

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