Analysis Of The Poem ' The Stone Gods ' Essay

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What SF does for us SF functions both as a distortion of the present and as a teacher that can evoke social change by critiquing human(oid) behaviors and their institutions. Samuel Delany and Joanna Russ must be thanked equally for their contribution to the function of SF as Delany’s argument that SF is a significant distortion of the present cannot be brought to justice unless it is combined with Russ’s argument that SF serves a didactic function. Without understanding that SF is a distortion of the present, the teachings of the work may be lost and without understanding that SF serves to teach us the distortion of the present may become seemingly meaningless. Jeanette Winterson’s The Stone Gods is able to precisely represent this idea as it works to distort the 21st century’s reality of climate change and teach us how we can solve it.
The functions of SF
The increased awareness and discussion of climate change that occurred during the development of The Stone Gods heavily impacted its distortion. According to a timeline on global warming, the first major books, movies, and art work featuring global warming appeared and the fourth IPCC report warned that serious effects of warming had become evident during these years (The Discovery of Global Warming). Issues of pollution, limitations of resources, and a rise in endangered species also occurred during this time all of which influenced the novel. This is evident on page 4, “But we have taken a few wrong turnings. Made a few…

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