Analysis Of The Poem ' The Negro Speaks Of Rivers ' By Langston Hughes

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Mansour Alhussain
ENG: 200
Analysis of the Poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes
Literature is a very powerful way to make some of people to understand the world more deeply. Many poems have been written for various reasons. The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes is a lyric poem in free verse. It is a lyric poem because the poet is expressing deep feelings and emotions instead of telling a story. It is a free verse because the poem does not follow a strict rules of poems that stress patterns and the number of syllables in every line. The poem talks about an African American who is aware of his connection to Africa. Hughes also shows the manner in which the speaker in the poem is proud of the African legacy.
(i) Imagery
Rivers have been used to show different things in the poem. Through the images of the rivers, the poet marks out the history of the African Americans from Africa to America. The poem connects the legacy as well as the soul of the Americans who came from Africa to four great rivers in the Middle East, America, and Africa. They include River Mississippi in America, River Nile in Egypt, River Euphrates in Turkey, and River Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This shows the old journey of Africans and African Americans. Most Africans were kidnapped in Congo and transported to of the Atlantic Ocean. They were shipped from there to the USA and other areas as slaves.
The rivers’ journey also shows the connection of…

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