Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Immortal Life Of Henrietta '

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Skloot makes sure that none of the events shown in her book are her portrayals of each character. Their words are not interpreted or altered in any way and the voice of each character is raw and direct from the source. The characters are developed in two ways. From a third person point of view in which she describes the Lacks family’s past or by the direct dialogue between Skloot and the Lacks family. Also, the main rhetorical device to keep the rule of “show, don’t tell” is diction of the Lacks Family. Not a single part of their speech is edited for the book to keep the real characteristics of the people involved. Preserving the character’s use of their syntax is also important. Skloot’s rule of “show, don’t tell” is kept throughout her book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by keeping the exact diction and syntax being used by the characters and recreating scenes of the past through vivid imagery. The use of the rule “show, don’t tell” is important in the character development of the Lacks family since their way of speech needs to be unaltered. The Lacks family history is first introduced to us through a narration by Skloot. She writes about Henrietta’s past and the childhood of Henrietta’s children. However, the remaining character development is from the direct dialogue between Skloot and the Lacks family members. Many assumptions can be made from the how they talk and it helps build the characters’ personalities. When Deborah finally decides to speak to…

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