Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dream '

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I began writing this response at the prologue because in this short area I found noticeable connections to a few of our readings from class. The first of which is connections to Native Son. Just like Bigger did early on in Native Son, our unnamed narrator seems to have pent up rage that he displaces improperly to someone who doesn’t seem him in the street. He also talks about people being invisible, but not truly invisible like a ghost (as he compares early on) but because people are incapable of seeing him. This reminds me of the way that bigger discussed peoples blindness in his narrative. He used blindness as a metaphor for ignoring black struggles similar to the way that our narrator uses invisibility in his story. Also, I wanted to point out references to the the “dream” the Ellison writes into the prologue. This discussion of a dream life is very similar the “the Dream” that Coates talked about in Between the World and Me. When talking about the narrater being bumped by a man in the street he writes, “He, let us say, was lost in a dream world. But didn’t he control that dream work - which, alas, is only too real! - and didn’t he rule me out of it?” (Ellison 14) This reminded very direct of how Coates wrote about the dream in order to discuss how, in order to keep the dream alive, people in the place of privilege must write out others. So when the narrator thinks “didn’t he rule me out of it?” it makes me think of that ability of privileged people to remove others…

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