Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Sir Gawain And The Green Knight '

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The anonymously written “Sir Gawain And The Green Knight” is a medieval romance story with a revolving notion of upholding the chivalric code. During this story 's time period, knights were expected to live by chivalric code, and Gawain expected nothing less of himself despite thinking that the “loss of [his] life would be grieved the least.” (356) It is thought that Morgan Le Fey, who was responsible for the entire quest, despite hating King Arthur, wanted to prove that even the noblest men were only human and it was impossible to completely upholding such courtly behavior all of the time. Because of this Gawain was destined for failure from the beginning, but was still able to uphold the chivalric code in some ways and in some parts of his quest. He both challenged the code and upheld the code in multiple ways through out this story. He honored his king and was destined to bring him no shame while on his journey despite his unfulfilling return, when tempted by Lord Bertilak 's wife he was able to respect his host and his wife 's request and remain loyal to both until he was tested so much that he failed both of them, honored the rule of fair play until the end where he displayed much cowardism, and finally was able to display nobility by accepting his failures he encountered on his quest. Gawain 's first demonstration of upholding and challenging the chivalric code is displayed in the his first encounter with the Green Knight. The Green Knight 's arrival brought much…

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