Analysis Of The Poem ' Shia Girls ' Essay

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2nd Tulip Davies Comp 101 November 1,2015 Title- The Change of Pakistan What was meant of being a shia girl? What it means of being a shia girl means to become an outsider of Pakistan. The essay "Shia Girls" begins with a letter from Kathleen Jamie 's Pakistani friend Rashida. Rashida finds Jamie 's culture to be intriguing but confusing. Rashida says,” Your lifestyle is very strange and very difficult to us, because you know, we’re purdah observing. We live in home and safety. And you know, how much we are happy and full satisfy. We have no problems, and difficulties. We live in a simple and Islamic life. I am very surprise to know you are living in a flat with your friends without your parents” (62). In this quote, Rashida has found that Jamie’s lifestyle to be different as she doesn’t live in a simple Islamic life. Meaning the reason that Jamie don’t have a simple life is because she doesn’t live in Pakistan. Afterwards, Jamie has been told from Rashida to come in Pakistan, where she makes some observations of the Pakistani people. When Jamie was traveling in Pakistan, she has found the some of the changes of the Pakistani people where the women wore a purdah around their head. Jamie concluded that the women were supposed to wear modest clothes of Pakistan to express their culture and self identity, or they will brought shame of Pakistan. Furthermore, Jaime’s goal was to use the conservations…

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