Analysis Of The Poem ' Perfume By Patrick Suskind Essay

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Commentary on the Theme of Love in Perfume The novel, Perfume, written by Patrick Süskind contains social commentary and thoughts on today’s society. It follows the story of Grenouille, an abomination that has an extraordinary sense of smell but has no feelings for other humans. The novel details his journey as he seeks the perfect scent, committing atrocities along the way. Patrick Süskind uses devices such as imagery, tone and mood, metaphors, and characterization to illustrate the theme of love. Towards the end of the novel, Grenouille catches the scent of Laure, and is completely intoxicated and enamored by it. The passage details Grenouille’s thoughts and actions a year after first smelling Laure and he promises himself that he will capture her scent. This whole scene and the rest of the book as well, is written in the third person omniscient point of view. This is apparent through Süskind using “he” and “his” to refer to Grenouille. The point of view does not focus on the thoughts of one person, but instead encompass all the characters, primarily focusing on Grenouille. Through the use of the point of view, Süskind shows the actions of Grenouille using a third person. This way, the reader gets an impartial view of Grenouille and his actions, and can form their own opinions on how he acts. If the story were written in first person, Grenouille’s actions would be harder to judge fairly. Grenouille believes all he does is right and okay to do. With the point of view…

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