Analysis Of The Poem ' New Selected Poems ' By Mark Strand Essay

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In examining Mark Strand’s book, New Selected Poems, it becomes clear that Strand is very different from Bukowski. Mark Strand seems to have had more of a traditional education and it reflects in his poetic form. His poems have a structure, but are still modern and almost free verse yet at the same time are not. That being said his poems are very enjoyable.
The first poem that stood out was “Sleeping with One Eye Open” in this poem Strand is describing a personal experience as well as also describing how it feels to be human sometimes. This seems to be a recurring theme with Strand; he typical does not write about his everyday life but more about the human experience. Moreover, in this poem Strand talks about an experience in which he becomes very scared by his house. This causes him to have a bad night’s sleep, which is an experience that most people have had at some time in their life.
The next poem that is stimulating is “Old People on the Nursing Home Porch”. In this poem Strand is describing the elderly sitting on a porch letting the day wash over them. Almost as if they are waiting to die. A person could argue that “Old People on the Nursing Home Porch” is a figurative poem of what it is like to experience death. Especially when the poem uses phrases like “reaches out to take the world away” or “where each will lie alone” it appears that Strand is describing another great human state (Strand 8).
Another poem worth examining is “What to Think of”. In this poem it…

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