Analysis Of The Poem ' Laurel ' Essay

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Laurel meets her step mother, Fay, for the first time, despite the fact that her father has married Fay for more than a year. She is shocked by the childish behaviors of Fay. From the beginning, Fay tries to control everything and prove her existence. When people ask Laurel about the location of the funeral, Fay says “I’m Mrs. McKelva now. If you’re the undertaker, you do your business with me” (Welty 50). Whenever there is a conversation about to happen between Laurel and other about anything in the present of Fay, Fay jumps into the conversation to get attention. For instance, in the conversation among Laurel, McKelva and Dr. Courtland about McKelva’s eye surgery, Fay says “‘Isn’t my vote going to get counted at all?’”(Welty 10).
Laurel is unfamiliar with her family memories and past, because of her being away from her family in one hand, at the same time; she neglects or ignores what past means to her. She stays silent most of the time, because she does not know how to react properly. When Laurel and Fay wait for Judge to come out from surgery room, Fay says “what a way to keep his promise, … when he told me he’d bring me to New Orleans some day, it was to see the Carnival” (Welty 12-13), which was going on at that time. Laurel knows how silly it is to ask her about self entertainment while her facing death. But she stayed silent. When her father tries to remind her of past memories of her dead mother, “What’s your mother have to say about me?”, Fay interferes their…

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