Analysis Of The Poem ' If You Forget Me ' And ' The Great Slob '

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“If You Forget Me” and “The Great Slob”
Poetry is a form of literature that uses rhythmic language with imagery to produce a written work that communicates what the poet is thinking or feeling to their audience. Two most notable poets that have had a huge impact in the poetry world, are; Pablo Neruda and Charles Bukowski. These poets have created countless bodies of work, despite the fact they come from different backgrounds and have different styles of writing. In this essay, I will discuss Neruda and Bukowski and two of their poems.
Pablo Neruda is one of the most prolific poets of the last century. His poems reignite with most people who have read them. Whether he is talking about love or remorse, anyone can take something away from his work. One poem that they feel is one of his best is “If You Forget Me”. This like many of his poems is about love. Next a sonnet, “Sonnet XVII”, was chosen from Neruda 's collection of poetry. Poems and sonnets are both considered poetry, but they have different formats when they are written. (Shreve, 126). Sonnets are a type of poem that is created in fourteen lines. What sets sonnets aside from poems, is the use of ten syllables. Many classical sonnets used the format of ten syllables, and Neruda was famous for both his poems and his sonnets.
Neruda’s poem is “If You Forget Me” from his 1952 collection of love poetry “The Captain’s Verse which was a collection of his memoirs.” The poem is six stanzas long and is addressed to “you,”…

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