Analysis Of The Poem ' Design ' By Robert Frost Essay

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Many people see poetry as a dull, dry, and expressionless subject he or she must take in an English class, or pass by on a store bookshelf. Poetry, however, is very much the opposite depending on people’s perceptions. Poems are in essence an expression of the speaker or writer’s true innermost feelings, and are often romantic, sorrowful, joyous, and even sometimes a combination of those emotions and more ( However, through close reading of poems you get analysis and deeper understandings of the poems and their meanings. These three poems “Design” by Robert Frost, “Bluebird” by Charles Bukowski and “This is Just to say” by William Carlos Williams themes are guilt, depression & loneliness, and goodness or evil, also using metaphor and symbolism.
The poem “Design” by Robert Frost shows symbolism of life and death through a white flower which represent life and the white spider holding the moth represents death. Throughout this poem you are thinking do the white represent good or evil? The form of this poem is Italian sonnet: fourteen lines in iambic pentameter consisting of an octave (a stanza of eight lines) and a sestet (a stanza of six lines). Sonnet has a specific rhymes scheme of ABBAABBA; there’s more variation in the sestet rhymes. While reading “Design” you are thinking what is going on with the spider? There is a bit of confusion. In lines 1-4 you are introduced to the main character, in line 1 there is also imagery of the spider “I found a dimpled…

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