Analysis Of The Poem ' Beowulf ' Essay examples

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All living beings must face the inevitable fact that we all must die. In the poem, Beowulf, mortality plays an important part in many characters where they must confront an enemy that may lead to their death. The role of mortality is brought up of several times throughout the poem and some people argue that the characters are reminded of their mortality so they can preform as many deeds as they can so they be remembered by it. I argue that the characters are reminded of their mortality as a warning that there is always a stronger opponent out there and some day that opponent is going to be the one to end their lives. I argue this because you see characters like Grendel, Hrothgar, Beowulf and Beowulf’s men face their own mortality. To begin with, the character Grendel is one of the first characters to experience his own mortality. Grendel is a demon who terrorizes King Hrothgar’s mead hall because he hears the king’s men singing songs about God which angers him since he is a descendant of Cain. Grendel has been attacking Heorot Hall for years, killing and eating Hrothgar’s men since no one can stand against him until Beowulf arrives. Grendel never experienced is own mortality because the people were trying to kill him with a sword, but Grendel knew that swords cannot cut him and Grendel finally fears for his life when he fights Beowulf. Beowulf decides to fight Grendel with just his hands and that’s when Grendel “instantly knew/ he had never encountered, in any region/ of…

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