Analysis Of The Poem ' Barbie Doll ' By Marcie Piercy Essay

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There is only a handful of things in life, that are up truly up for your interpretation – Poetry, happens to be one of them. However, it takes a uniquely discerned individual to decipher the obscurity that truly lies within a poem. Poetry, is the act of being able to paint an abstract picture, using words; each stanza constructs a colorless, yet articulate mural. Although the concept of poetry is very similar to that of literature, a poem isn’t so much about what is said, yet what has been left unsaid. In the poems “Barbie Doll”, “Sympathy” and “My Papa’s Waltz”, the authors use techniques such as theme, tone, and particular language to convey a very personalized, yet interpretive poem, to pick the minds of their readers.
The first poem, “Barbie Doll” by Marcie Piercy, tells the short-lived story of a young girl who had been ridiculed for her appearance. The theme of this poem is the compulsive need, we have as humans, to meet the standards set by society. The sarcastic tone, in this poem, allows the readers a taste of Piercy’s bitter feeling towards the socially defined “perfection” that is imposed on young women. In lines 5-6 the author writes “Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said: / You have a great big nose and fat legs.” The very harsh adjectives used, force the reader to feel the humiliation and pressure implied on the girl. The act of her cutting off her nose and legs, highlights women 's aching for approval and flattery – so much so that they are willing…

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