Analysis Of The Poem ' Alone ' By Edger Allan Poe Essay

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“Alone” by Edger Allan Poe it’s a poem about a child going through the hardship of life, because people do not understand him and what he sees that others aren’t like him. It’s a lyric poem with one stanza and 3 run-on lines and it has an end rhyme scheme of AA, BB, and the meter of line 1-4 is iambic tetrameter then line 13-17 it changes to trochaic tetrameter and at the end it’s catalectic. But Poe 3 major analysis is voice, imagery and figure of speech that created this amazing poem. One of the many analysis that Poe uses is voice to express his poem the way he does this is by using Tone, which express feeling by using certain words like sorrow and alone and its shows it in “My sorrow--I could not awaken” (line 6) or “And all I lov’d--I lov’d alone” (line 8). Intern expresses the somber and dark Tone throughout the poem; imagery is also used in this poem by describing certain things with the 5 senses, for example “In its autumn tint of gold” (line 16). Shows are our sense of sight to express the imagery in the middle of a poem. But the most important analysis that Poe uses his figure of speech which is used in various different ways, one of which is alliteration occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words that repeats of a phrase which is shown in the poem, for example “And all I lov’d--I lov’d alone” (line 8) so L becomes repeated of a consonant and it’s shown more in different lines of the poem. The next one is metaphor identifies something…

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