Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson Essay

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The play, “Fences,” focuses mainly around Troy Maxson. Troy was a baseball player but never had the chance to fulfill his dream of playing in the League because of his stint in jail and his race. Troy is a hard worker and takes care of his family the best he knows how given his lack of education. His dear wife, Rose loves her husband and in spite of his faults she maintains her loyalty to him. Troy has two sons, Lyons and Cory. Lyons is from a previous relationship and Cory is his and Rose’s son. Troy tries to teach the same values to his son Cory that his father taught him in a time where things were changing and opportunities for black young men to have a more rewarding career were more prevalent than in the 1950’s. The play “Fences” written by August Wilson can be analyzed through historical criticism, by looking at the symbolism, metaphors, and setting throughout the play.
Setting – The play is set in the front yard of the Maxson house. They live in a two-story block house, set off a back alley. Two chairs that sit on the front porch are in need of paint work. This appears to convey that the Maxsons aren 't precisely the wealthiest people. Cash is a consistent issue for Troy and his family. They are getting by on Troy 's trash collector pay, however marginally. In spite of the fact that we never really hear "Pittsburgh," the play is unquestionably set there. Pittsburgh was August Wilson 's main residence, and the greater parts of his ten plays…

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