Analysis Of The Play ' A Raisin Of The Sun ' Essay

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The play “A Raisin in the Sun” has always intrigued my interest because of its theme: in order to achieve their dreams, people must accept themselves, the circumstances they’re in, and their family who support them, rather than focusing on the money they don’t have as a way to get what they want. Instead of already being middle-class, the Youngers want that American family lifestyle that is promised to all who live as American citizens. It is an ongoing subject of unfulfilled dreams that the characters face. The play addresses these topics in multiple situations they encounter, such as racism and poverty. Self acceptance and family seem to be the only way they can overcome that obstacle of feeling “stuck”. The Youngers and other characters play a role in revealing this theme, but the characters who portray it the most are Walter, Beneatha, and their mother. Walter and Beneatha are the ones who are learning what counts the most, and Mama is the example of what they should be. As a director or an actor who would bring this playwright to stage, the things I’d keep in mind for dramatic elements are both staging and the performance through dialogue. Lorraine Hansberry put subtle symbolism in objects and phrases that would depend on the staging and the mood set.
Walter and his relationship with his family members is the first example of needing to find acceptance in himself and his situation. He has a dependence on money for his dream and is ashamed of his poverty, feeling…

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