Essay on Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Nibelungenlied '

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Title Many Germanic tales were lost throughout history, but one of the tales that survived was that of the Nibelungenlied, although the author of the tale is unknown. The tragic ending of this medieval heroic epic seems inevitable. The traits of the characters and the breaking of the web of kinship lead to the confusion of signs and ultimately to the inevitable doom of the Burgundians and Huns. The union of Kriemhild and Siegfried disrupts the order of the world of signs, which only progresses as the epic does. The web of kinship is broken when Hagen murders Siegfried, but everyone stands by him when Kriemhild seeks her revenge. Even Kriemhild 's life is not spared when she finally gets her revenge. Firstly, Siegfried 's character can be problematic by trying to help Gunther. According to Cowell, Siegfried lies at the core of the problem of integrity for three characters: Brünhilde, Kriemhild, and himself (Cowell 145). Siegfried willingly compromises his integrity to marry Kriemhild. The women in the world of the Nibelungenlied are viewed as gifts and symbols that tie men together in a symbolic economy; however, the two main women in this narrative are not simply passive objects (Cowell 134). Kriemhild and Brünhilde have a new-found subjectivity that threatens the world of the men and increases their independence, making them independent commodities (Cowell 134), while seeking their own personhood and integrity (Cowell 142). When the deceit is revealed to Brünhilde, her…

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