Analysis Of The Novel ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

1036 Words Oct 6th, 2014 5 Pages
Chris Young
Ms. Clancy
American Literature A4
29 September 2014
A Glimmer of Hope An important theme in Of Mice and Men is that of hopes and dreams. The main dream is that of George and Lennie to own a small farm and work self-sufficiently. The story both begins and ends with George telling the dream to Lennie. As the story goes on, George and Lennie’s dream draws in both Crooks and Candy. All of these hopes and dreams affect the way the characters behave throughout the novel. The time period this novel is set in is during the American Depression of the 1930s. During this time period, many Americans were struggling to make ends meet. Many of them left their homes in the East and traveled West to work on ranches and farms., and eventually save enough money to have their own place “An ' live off the fatta the lan ' ” (14). This became the “American Dream”, and the hope of George, Lennie, Candy, and Crooks. This shared dream gives George hope for a better future, as well as steer him in the right direction to being a responsible adult. George’s dream gives him prospect for the future, “George said wonderingly, ‘S 'pose they was a carnival or a circus come to town, or a ball game, or any damn thing.’ Old Candy nodded in appreciation of the idea. ‘We 'd just go to her,’...Jus ' say, ‘We 'll go to her,’ an’ we would…’ ” (60-61). When George starts to believe that the farm might happen, he is almost overwhelmed by the idea that they could do whatever they wanted. George’s dream…

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