Analysis Of The Munroe Multicultural Attitude Scale Questionnaire

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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to build on previous knowledge of stereotypical perceptions and ideas. Stereotype has two definitions, the first definition is to generalize characteristics, motives, or behavior to an entire group of people. The second definition is the little picture in our head that shape our impressions of people or groups of people. Stereotype threat is also an important concept which is defined as the apprehension experienced by members of a minority group that they might confirm an existing (negative) cultural stereotype (Aronson, 2012). Developments of stereotypes can be seen as a categorization issue, in which individuals figure out how to relate certain classification features (yet not others) with behaviors of …show more content…
Arnold Munroe to address the requirement for a psychometrically solid multicultural attitude assessment instrument. The MASQUE address changes in states of mind of college students toward multicultural attitudes. Scores on the MASQUE are found by the total score of all three subscales. The first subscale is knowledge which measures the extent to which one knows about multicultural issues. The second subscale is care which measure the extent to which one cares about multicultural issues. The third subscale is act which measures the extent to which one acts to solve multicultural problems. (See Appendix …show more content…
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Appendix B
Stereotypical ideas video survey
Instructions: Answer the following questions as honestly as possible.

Please indicate the response you agree with the most.
Why Did the Individual exiting the car lock it? o Empty parking lot o Person walking

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