Analysis Of The Movie ' Young Goodman Brown ' Essay

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Throughout the years, the way people live has changed dramatically; however, the situations and problems people find themselves in have stayed relatively the same. The protagonist from the short story “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goodman Brown shares similar struggles to the main character Jose from the film Bella by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. By comparing and contrasting the themes of culture, family, and rural/urban settings, in Monteverde’s “Bella” and Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” a literary thematic connection is made between the stories.
Family is a strong theme used by both Hawthorne and Monteverde. Goodman Brown’s closest family member is his young wife, Faith whom he shares a very loving relationship with. Faith pleads with Goodman, begging him not to take this radical journey into the forest during the evening. Goodman reassures his worried and loving wife that he will be safe and takes off into the forest. Faith is the only family member mentioned in the story besides Goodman’s father and grandfather, each which took this voyage through the dark forest. Faith is a play on words which takes both the proper noun as his wife and his trust in his religious belief. Faith both as Goodman’s wife and beliefs, his family, demands that he doesn’t go on this voyage into the woods which turns out to be a trip with the devil involving dark rituals that exposes and reveals the true “good men” of the village including the priest, village mayor, and wife.…

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