Analysis Of The Movie ' Truman Capote ' Essay

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Directed by Bennett Miller, ‘Capote’ is a biographical movie that premiered in the year 2005 about Truman Capote. It follows the events in his non-fiction book, In Cold Blood. The film mirrors the transformations and struggles that Capote undergoes in order to acquire information that would enable him write his story. He enters Holcomb a joyful, curious, and empathetic man, who seeks attention and leaves a cruel, deceitful, opportunist, and selfish person who only cares about himself.
The film was set in 1959 when Capote notices a murder in Kansas, where victims were shot dead. He had been living as a novelist. He asks an editor about writing a story about the murder. His experience as a novelist makes him believe that the story would be more interesting than if it was done by a normal news reporter. He takes the chance to travel to Kansas together with his female friend, Harper Lee, to search for the truth about the story. He informs the police investigators in Kansas about his mission and promises not to interfere with their investigations. He becomes friends with Alvin Dewey, an agent from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who is involved in the murder investigation. While in the town, two drifters, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, get arrested in connection with the murder. Capote forms a relationship with the suspects and delves into a story that makes him famous and rich, but also destroys him. He becomes very close to Smith and realizes that they almost have the…

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