Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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Gazing out the window studying the smoke of the burning vehicle outside their Nash Rambler, whose engine “boiled over again just after [Toby and his] mother crossed the Continental Divide”, Tobias Wolff’s mother contemplates the lack of accomplishments she has achieved in her life. Her lamenting of the harsh memories of Florida “that had gotten her no farther than flat broke and sometimes not that far,” compels their family of two to reevaluate their lives until they come to a conclusion of what direction their lives are headed (Tobias Wolff 6). Toby’s mother, who is searching for a haven of peace and security for her child, warns her young son to refrain from the mistakes that she has made, mistakes that stem from her impulsive nature. With Toby’s partial attempt to change his life, Toby’s mother receives some absolution for his mistakes by heavily influencing Toby to take control of his own life. Truman Capote 's Dick Hickock parallels Toby’s mother in the way he too makes mistakes. In Truman Capote 's In Cold Blood, Dick Hickock mirrors various characteristics of evil such as deception and insensitivity towards others.

Hickock practices deception, a key attribute of evil that allows Dick to manipulate Perry into gaining his trust. Dick’s rather staunch beliefs come from his conviction that he is intrinsically deviant and doesn’t fit into society. In the beginning of the story, Dick and Perry fittingly describe themselves a being part of a “race of men that don’t fit in,…

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