Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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The film starts with Lizzie trying to sleep with her eye covered with a cooling mask over her eyes. As the door buzzer disturbs her trying to sleep, she is definitely pissed off. A delivery man came to deliver her a perfect bouquet of flowers from Josh, celebrating their 1000 days anniversary of their first kiss. She tries to get back sleep, but she fails to.

BILLY WILSON works in a bar and is also suffering from insomnia since he was ten years old. Due to his lack of sleep, Billy even forgets his girlfriend NICOLA’s birthday. Nicola urges him that he should be able to sleep next to her if he really loves her. Nicola breaks up with him. Billy works at a bar, but he always looks dull and unemotional because of lack of sleep. Whenever he cannot sleep, he watches television or goes out for a jog.

At dinner, MRS.LOREX, Josh’s mother, is expecting Lizzie to come up with brilliant ideas for her wedding. She does not have any ideas about the wedding, but acts like she’s on top of everything. In truth, she is just too stressed out about not being able to sleep properly. Josh gently offers her that he will help brainstorming any ideas with her on Saturday, before she meets Mrs.Lorex on Sunday. That night, Lizzie tries to get some next to Josh but it’s not working. She heads back to her home with various relaxing teas and pile of books all about sleep. She doesn’t want to see a doctor because he will just give her more sleeping pills. But with sleeping pills, Lizzie gets insane.…

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