Analysis Of The Movie ' The Naive Captain Delano ' Essay example

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The Naïve Captain Delano
In Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno the main character Captain Amasa Delano struck me as a bit naïve and a bit oblivious throughout the story. Captain Delano appears to be a naïve sea captain because he does not put together the puzzle pieces of the strange behavior of the San Dominick’s crew and history as quickly as one would expect. I believe that Melville is using this concept to hint at the fact that the United States did not realize that slavery was such a problem as quickly as the country should have. Some of the pieces that Captain Delano did not put together as quickly as expected are the fact that the slaves aboard the ship acted strangely and the unusual behavior between Cereno and Babo. I believe the Captain being as naïve and slow to put the puzzle pieces together represents the United States of America being slow to recognize that slavery was a problem.
An example of odd behavior from the slaves aboard the San Dominick is when Captain Delano first boards onto the ship. Captain Delano is greeted with a strange array of faces and the tragedies those aboard the San Dominick have faced. However, Captain Delano also notices a strange group of slaves aboard the ship that he just shrugs off. Herman Melville writes, “some eight feet above the general throng, sat along in a row, separated by regular spaces, the cross-legged figures of six other blacks; each with a rusty hatchet in his hand, which, with a bit of brick and a rag, he was…

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