Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Me ' By Roxanne Gay

1229 Words Feb 15th, 2016 null Page
It’s 2016 and people are ready to talk; The Oscar nominations were recently revealed and people in and out of Hollywood are not pleased. The black acting community received zero nominations and it was overwhelmingly clear that no matter how good of an actor you are, the older white males over at the Oscars aren’t going to nominate you based on talent. Roxanne Gay’s essays titled “Me” reflects the views of a black, educated, and outspoken writer who brings to light in an interesting, factual, and comical way the difference of struggles between white and black people in the educational world. Sure, this topic has been discussed over and over and over again; but Gay has a certain way of putting it that makes you want to call your friend and talk about it. Her views are not the typical ‘us poor black folk’ repetition that so many have discussed in the past; instead she offers a crude and honest point of view about her personal experiences as a grad student and advisor and provides a really interesting read. Gay touches on the fact that black people are often stereo typed when it comes to movies and television. When there is a black actor in a role, for the most part, it seems to be there is a universal theme of what the character is going to be like; there is an obvious lack of diversity when it comes to black acting roles and its unusual to ever see an African American actor be the lead role. In Gay’s writing there is a theme of the idea that black people aren’t represented…

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