Analysis Of The Movie ' Bird ' Essay

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On August 29th, 1920, Charlie “YardBird” Parker landed in this world and 34 years later he flew away. Within those 34 years, music was eternally influenced by Bird, and this influence continues to be celebrated all around the world. In 1988, Clint Eastwood and Joel Oliansky worked together to create a documentary titled “Bird” based on Charlie Parker’s life. There are many story telling techniques used within this film that aid in making it an extremely brilliant motion picture. “Bird” is very accurate in portraying the reality of Charlie Parker’s life, and this accuracy is important because it will help to present and therefore preserve his legacy. A legacy that will intrigue and inspire musicians forevermore.
There are many story telling techniques used within the documentary “Bird” that allow for it to be a very well received film. One of the interesting aspects of the film is its use of flashbacks. The whole film is basically a montage of Charlie Parker’s life, but with the exclusion of a few events including his first two marriages.The film shows Parker as a young boy being exposed to some of his musical heroes. It shows his attempt at suicide and enlistment into a hospital, and his many struggles with not only drug addiction and alcohol, but his fight with ulcers. “Bird” presents many of Parker’s musical experiences from his beginning days to his days of fame, and the friends he made through some of those experiences like Dizzy Gillespie. The film also focuses…

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