Analysis Of The Movie ' Amistad ' Essays

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The movie Amistad depicted the slave uprising aboard La Amistad and the court cases that led to their release back to Africa. In 1839, several Africans were captured and transported by Spanish slave traders to be sold to plantation owners in Cuba and the United States. During the journey, the slaves led an attack on the ship’s crew, killing all members except Jose Ruiz and Pedro Montez. Cinque, a Mende, led the revolt after freeing himself and arming the ships occupants with swords and clubs. With the ship under their control, they demanded Ruiz and Montez to sail the ship back home to their homeland of Africa. At night, Ruiz and Cortez changed the course of the ship in an attempt to sail for Cuba or the United States and save themselves. The boat was seized by the American Navy and eventually towed to Connecticut where the enslaved were brought before the American courts.
Initially, there were many allegations as to whom the blacks belonged to as well as whether they should be charged for piracy and murder. Since the Atlantic Slave Trade had been recently banned, blacks brought from Africa were considered illegally acquired people and they would be returned home. If they were found to be born in Cuba and transported to the United States, the blacks are returned back to the Spanish slave traders. Cinque’s lawyers provided him with a translator that could speak Mende and help him testify before the court. During the court proceedings, based on Cinque’s testimony and…

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