Essay on Analysis Of ' The Monkey 's Paw '

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Pawing At Greed If greed was described as a physical being it would be the luscious beautiful mistress that takes us away from our pretty and loving wife. The short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs demonstrates the effects greed can have on a family that has everything they need. The family ignores warnings about being greedy. However, they fear to miss the chance to have wishes granted. They first wish for money that they clearly state they do not need. Later, they make another wish made clearly from greed. The wishes themselves are greedy but other significant details throughout the story signifies some characters making greedy descisions. W. W. Jacobs showcases the effects greed has on a well off family by using the setting, tone, and characters. Jacobs describes the house as being comfortable. He uses the setting of the house throughout the story. The house is the setting that the family gain possession of the monkey paw. It is also the place where each wish is asked for and received. Jacobs describes the house so the reader imagines a well furnished dwelling, with a chess board and the piano. These items shows the readers that the family is financially stable enough to own luxury items. This indicates that the wish that is made later is out of greed and not necessity. (Jacobs) Also Jacobs starts the story with a delightful chess game and a mother cooking which shows the house in a happy environment before the obsession of the paw. Later, the setting of the…

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