Analysis Of ' The Metamorphosis ' By Franz Kafka Essay

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Question #4 Gregor Samsa is from the story "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, this story contains a man that suddenly turns into a bug, and his dysfunctional family. Alfred Prufrock is from the short poem ' 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", by T.S Eliot. This poem describes Prufrock 's life and the struggles he experiences in his life. Gregor and Prufrock have similar characteristics in their lives, from their odd personalities to their tragic fates. Gregor is an hardworking man that has an introverted personality .Gregor has no time to be socially active or even have a partner. Sadly the only hobby that Gregor has is his wood workings. Gregor 's mother proves Gregor 's boring life by proclaiming, "You know that boy has nothing but work in his head! It almost worries me that he never goes out on his evenings off"(Kafka 1208). This quote shows that Gregor has a very strict routine in his life. Also Gregor is very controlled by his discipline, due to his time in the military.
In the military Gregor was meant to follow orders without question and to always please his superiors. Gregor 's disciplined personality leads him to always want to make his family and boss happy, even if it makes him unhappy."He told himself that he couldn’t possibly stay in bed and that the most sensible solution was to try anything that offered even the smallest chance of getting free of his bed"(Kafka 1207). This quote shows that Gregor was so controlled by his family 's and boss…

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