Essay about Analysis Of ' The Lips As A Symbol Of The Changes '

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Aimee Bender uses Steven’s lips as a symbol of the changes he exhibits when he comes home from war. Mary’s focus on his physical attributes rather than their emotional relationship together exposes the dramatic changes that warfare can impose on a person and their relationships. When Steven returns from war Mary notices one thing, his lips are missing. “Steven returned from the war without lips…I expected lips. Dead or alive, but with lips,” (Bender 21). Immediately Bender exposes Mary’s apparent infatuation with Steven’s missing lips; these lips, however, symbolize something bigger, a more overarching change in Steven. Mary’s focus on this physical aspect of Steven that seems to be missing exposes her overall focus on the physical aspect of their relationship. Mary doesn’t mention anything about his personality, his mood, and other emotional changes in their relationship that likely occurred because of the war, but she emphasizes his missing lips and the effect it has on her. Mary never mentions his personality, their emotional relationship, or anything deeper than the physical changes she sees, the lips being a symbol for something lost that Mary can’t seem to forget. Maybe, she was thinking, if you’d concentrated better you’d still have lips. Maybe you’re not supposed to think of your wife at the market while people are throwing bombs at you. Maybe you’re supposed to protect certain body parts so she’ll be happy when you come back,” (Bender 23). The author continues to…

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