Analysis Of The Kite Runner

Joseph Lu
Kite Runner Essay Prompt 3

Amir was never truly happy in Kabul, Afghanistan; there was always something wrong, whether it be guilt, betrayal, or societal expectations. For example, Amir incessantly attempted to make his father, Baba, proud of having him as a son; however, he could never seem to truly connect with Baba. Whether it be his courage or his interests in life, Amir was always lacking. All of a sudden, war erupted in Afghanistan; Amir became a refugee that had to flee his own country. Unfortunately, he also had to leave his friends behind and his comfort zone. As the years passed by it became increasingly clear that Amir’s separation from Afghanistan was not as detrimental as imagined. In America, he was free of the harsh judgements, the ridicule, and the expectations that Afghan society placed on individuals. He was happy. In The Kite Runner, Amir’s exile
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Sometimes, one is lucky enough to start anew and forgive oneself. Amir is a prime example of this. He had a life full of regrets in Kabul, Afghanistan: trying to please his father, betraying his best friend, and lacking any courage; however, he was fortunate enough to start a new life in America. Unfortunately, leaving behind his old country and friends was not easy, especially leaving Rahim and Hassan. Rahim was like a second father to Amir--a role model, and Hassan was his childhood friend from birth. Amir’s exile from Afghanistan alienated him from the familiar and catapulted him into the unknown. This “unknown” was frightening, but it was also nourishing. In America, Amir was able to start a new life and a new beginning; his sins and betrayals left behind. However, it’s Amir’s betrayal of Hassan in the past that lets him earn forgiveness in the future. The guilt causes him to search out Sohrab and bring him back to America. Khaled Hosseini uses all

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