Analysis Of The Film ' Lord Of The Flies ' Essay

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In the film, Lord of the Flies, directed by Peter Brook, shows viewers that symbols and themes are being utilized as a social commentary on World War II. In all, this film represents the evil taking place within the actually film and on the social commentary side of World War II. Evil in humanity is revealed though setting, imagery, and symbolism. The forest and castle rock were two major settings in the film. The darkness which takes place in most of the film is also important images in revealing evil. Finally, the masks and the Lord of the Flies are significant symbols in this film too. All of these things were intended to be allegorical. The forest and castle rock each have various meanings behind them. The forest is suppose to represent the unknown, fear, violence and hiding. However, as a social commentary on World War II the forest represents underground movement and escapes. Ralph is one of the schoolboys from the plane crash. When ralph begins to explore the island he finds a lagoon, but behind him is beyond more, the scary forest that’s filled with darkness, represents evil in the film. Beyond everything else on the island, they seek and find another island that appeared to be a rock, standing like a fort. It later became known as castle rock which represented punishment, violence and restraint. Jack tried to stab Ralph with a spear on castle rock, because ralph called jack a thief, therefore representing the savagery and evil of humanity. As to a social…

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