Essay about Analysis Of ' The Egyptian Cinderella '

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Folktales are stories originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth. The Egyptian Cinderella is a folk tale that suggests breaking social and racial barriers. Fairy Tales are stories, like myths, that provide supernatural explanations of everyday events, often with a moral outcome, or the portrayal of justice. The Disney version of Cinderella is a fairy tale that implies mistreatment of people. These narratives share in common the idea of inequality and mistreatment. For example, in the Egyptian Cinderella, Rosy Rhodopis was kidnapped from her home in Greece and taken to a house to work with other servant girls. She was considered a slave while the Egyptian girls were considered servants. They “taunted and teased Rhodopis because she looked different to them. Their hair was straight and black while hers was golden and curly. They had brown eyes and hers were green. Their skin had the glow of copper, and she had pale skin that burnt easily in the sun.” Since she was rejected by the other girls, she found friends among the animals, she loved to sing and dance for them. Her master was intrigued by her dancing that he rewarded her with a pair of slippers, “the shoes were gilded with rose-red gold and the soles were leather. Now the other servant girls could really hate her for they were jealous of her beautiful slippers.” One day a falcon snatched one of her slippers while she was washing clothes in the river. She knew she would not get her slipper back…

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