Analysis Of ' The Doorway ' By Annie Dillard Essay

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Essay 4 In “God in the Doorway” Annie Dillard recalls multiple experiences that she relates to her shift in her perception of God. She begins the narrative recounting an incident from her childhood. Dillard speaks of a cold winter night in which a neighbor dresses like Santa and makes an appearance at her house. She responds out of fear because of her understanding of Santa as a monstrous figure who exists similar to God. Dillard, as an adult, creates a connection between the Santa clause of her childhood and God by understanding them as large, judgmental figures. However, later in her life she perceives them in a different light. To convey this shift in perception Dillard employs juxtaposition, imagery, and word choice. Dillard utilizes juxtaposition to display a shift in her perception of God. When speaking about her experience with Santa Dillard states, “Santa Clause stood in the doorway monstrous and bright, powerless, ringing a loud bell and repeating Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. (Dillard, 1982, p. 71) Dillard recalls specifically that Santa stands in the doorway and seems monstrous because of his massiveness and because of his nature as a judge of children’s behavior. After this passage, Dillard states that in her mind Santa exists as part of her understanding of God. When speaking of God later in the piece, Dillard states, “So once in Israel love came to us incarnate, stood in the doorway between two worlds, and we were all afraid.” (Dillard, 1982, p. 72)…

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