Analysis Of The Coup D ' Etat Essay

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On the morning of September 11th, 1973, Pinochet and his military began their attack on the presidential palace, La Moneda. “Inside La Moneda, Allende then donned a metal helmet” and stood his ground awaiting his demise. Over the span of two hours “the palace was hit by at least eight bombs…the resistance within the palace exchanged fire with [Pinochet’s military]” and battle ensued, “yet these efforts were in vain.” By 2:00 PM that day, Pinochet and his men stormed the palace, only to find Allende dead. Following the coup d’état, Augusto named himself president of the Government Junta of Chile, thus establishing a military dictatorship in Chile. While Chile’s new dictatorship had occurred in favor of the United States and “looked like Nixon’s most-favored ally in Latin America, Brazil” the “level of oppression was a major difference”. What soon followed Allende’s overthrow was a military dictatorship that created terror amongst its citizens by its constant violations of human rights. Under Pinochet, an “internal intelligence service so sinister, that after it assassinated dissidents, it used helicopters to dump their bodies into the sea.” While under the Pinochet regime, at least 3,000 Chilean citizens were found to be either killed or kidnapped, more than 30,000 exiled; anyone who opposed Pinochet’s government was targeted. Essentially, Pinochet’s regime was a “black period in Chile’s history, rife with depraved and systemic violations of human rights, with torture…

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