Analysis Of The Book ' Waging War On Civilians ' Essay

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Chapter seven is titled “Waging War on Civilians” (171). This chapter talks about the rules of war, targeting civilians, Sherman, and Sheridan’s burning of the Shenandoah Valley (174, 176, 180, 195). In the beginning of this chapter, DiLorenzo discusses what is considered a war crime and describes how it can be punishable to imprisonment or even death (174).One rule of war was that the fight is to be between soldiers and not include civilians; however, Lincoln had been waging war on civilians for years. DiLorenzo then discusses the fact that Lincoln’s most trusted generals, including Sherman, had been waging war on civilians for years also (181). He then points out further evidence of the importance these wars on civilians had in Lincoln’s war strategies. In late 1864, Lincoln had Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley burned. The goal was to prevent further Negro planting (195). Chapter eight is titled “Reconstructing America: Lincoln’s Political Legacy” (200). It includes information on the revisionists view of reconstruction, the politics of reconstruction, political plundering of the south, monopoly government, and what the revisionists revised (202, 204, 211, 219, 229). This chapter begins by discussing how the view of reconstruction was “a vindictive, abusive, corrupt, political racket” (202). DiLorenzo then goes on to describe in detail all of the politics behind the reconstruction. He then describes how the Republican Party used its “monopolistic political power” to “plunder…

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