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Grand Central Publishing released Flora Rheta Schreiber’s book Sybil. Through the book Dr. Wilbur, Sybil’s therapist psychoanalyses Sybil’s sixteen different personalities. The book went through all the different personalities and what is the cause of her dissociation. After her analysis was complete Dr. Wilbur thought a book should be written, this was when Flora was introduced into the picture. Flora had had previous work as a journalist and editor of varying psychiatric papers and articles. After ten years of knowing Sybil Flora finally finished her book about all Sybil’s different personalities. The completed book was not for the faintest of people, many parts were tough to get through and it is suggested that readers be cautious of what they are getting into.

In the novel Sybil the first section called being, goes on to introduce Sybil and her dysfunctional family, along with the beginning of ongoing issues. The first is that on her trip home from Philadelphia which could not recall the details, she remembered the first occasion that she had met Dr. Wilbur her psychiatrist. Sybil had been sent home from college due to: “…a war of nervousness in a special sense, for the nervous symptoms that had plagued her since childhood had become so bad…” (Schreiber). These feelings encouraged her to reach out to a psychiatrist which happened to be Dr. Wilbur. Going through with the treatment went against what Sybil’s parents believed and wished for their child, all throughout…

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