Analysis Of The Book ' The Sun ' Essay example

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The sun was coming down hard as mid-summer day dragged along, with nothing to see for miles but outstretched dessert. A silhouetted man, beaten by the very path he traveled, continued to walk until he found the only place in the world where he was at peace. It was a marvelous yet mysterious place in which he found himself. Surround by miles on every side, the garden seemed more like an island which stood in the middle of rustic brown sea of sand. How fitting that the only place the man found peace was deprived of the human contact he once yearned for.
Within the garden lay the most beautiful arrangement of greenery to ever bless the face of the planet. (elaborate) Trees grew in the garden, making it seem like a miniature forest whenever he stopped to take the sight in. However, it was the tree in the middle that always captured his attention because it was the most beautiful thing inside his garden. It stood tall, casting the shadows to protect the life within its reach from the depraved world that was outside its walls. White oak reached toward the heavens, with the simple promise that everything in this world would be alright again.
It was not every day that he could sit under the shadow of the white oak tree, and take a minute to recall everything that lead him down his path. In those few moments, he understood why he stood alone for so long. There was no love lost for the bastard child who only thought about himself in this cruel world. From the very first breath he…

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